The British Political System

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Created by sonic.skadoosh about 6 years ago
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The British Political System
1 Elections
1.1 18+ to vote
1.2 General election held at least every 5 years
1.2.1 Conventionally held on a Thursday
1.2.2 Must be held before the parlimentary season starts
1.2.3 General
1.2.4 David Cameron Prime Minister (PM)
1.2.5 Each party does a political broadcast
1.3 Types Of Election
1.3.1 Local
1.3.2 Parish
1.3.3 General David Cameron
1.3.4 European U.K. is 1 of 28 states involved
1.3.5 Mayoral
1.3.6 Police and Crime Commissioner
1.4 Parties
1.4.1 Conservative David Cameron
1.4.2 Labour Ed Milliband
1.4.3 Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg
1.4.4 Green Natalie Bennett
1.4.5 UKIP Nigel Farrage
2 Voting
2.1 18+ to vote
2.2 Voting must be done between 7am and 10pm on voting day
2.3 British, Commonwealth Country or Rep. Of Ireland Citizen
2.4 45,000 polling stations in the U.K.
2.5 Barred from voting
2.5.1 Member of House Of Lords
2.5.2 Those in prison
2.5.3 Those in psychiatric hospitals or similar 'behaviour' schemes
2.6 Cannot be Barred from voting
2.7 Resident in a constituency and on the electoral register
3 Parliament
3.1 House of Lords
3.1.1 Scrutinise Laws Helps Make Them
3.1.2 Question Parliament Checking And Challenging
3.2 House of Commons
3.2.1 The public vote in 650 MP's
3.2.2 Discuss matters Current Issues Make Laws Ask Questions Scrutinise Government Policies Represent Interests
3.3 Essential Part Of British Politics
3.3.1 Plays A Part In Forming Laws In The U.K. With The Government
4 Government
4.1 Houses Of Parliament
4.1.1 Big Ben
4.1.2 Palace of Westminster Tried to be blown up by Guy Fawkes
4.2 Plays A Part In Forming Laws In The U.K.
4.2.1 With Parliament
4.3 Lead by the PM
4.3.1 David Cameron
4.4 Historically linked to the head of state
4.4.1 Queen
4.4.2 Commonly referred to as 'Her Majesties Government'- 'HMG'
4.5 Types of Government
4.5.1 Local County Concil District Council Town Council Parish Council Metropolitan Metropolitan Borough
4.5.2 National
4.5.3 European Union
4.6 Ministers
4.6.1 Sectretary of State Head of Department
4.6.2 Minister of State Middle Ranking Minister
4.6.3 Parlimentary Under Sectratary of State 'Junior' Ranking Minister
5 Public Participation
5.1 18+ to vote
5.2 Vote in who they want as Prime Minister
5.3 Vote in MP's
5.4 Voting days
5.4.1 Ballot Boxes
5.4.2 Voting Paper
5.4.3 Must cross who they want in Secret/Private Voting Cubicules No pressure to vote a certain way Part of Democratic Society Secret about their thoughts
5.5 Joining local parties
5.6 TV programmes
5.6.1 Audience Participation
5.6.2 Watching
5.7 Newspaper
5.7.1 Letters to the Editor
5.7.2 Reading
5.7.3 Articles
5.8 Councils
5.8.1 Town Council
5.8.2 Parish Council
5.8.3 County Council District Council
5.8.4 Metropolitan Metropolian Borough

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