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Using social media to learn English language

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  • Today, learning English involves much more than studying a textbook, doing tests, and putting dictums into practise. With the advent of the Internet and its attendant technology, hosts of options exist for improving your English skills. These options involve interacting with others online via social networks - communicating in order to learn about other cultures, have fun, and to learn English at the same time. Social networks are a relatively new phenomenon. Geocities was one of the web's first social networking sites. They began in 1994. In 1997, AOL Instant Messenger launched. In 2003, MySpace launched, with Facebook following in 2004. Next up was Twitter in 2006. Come 2008, Facebook overtook MySpace as the leading social networking site, and now we have the elusive and mysterious Google +. People are increasingly conversing online using diverse social sites. They enjoy the immediacy and convenience of engaging in discourse any time, any place, anywhere. Let's look at a couple of the most popular social networking opportunities available to you for improving your English.
  1. Adjectives
    1. Y , ful , less , en ,able , ible , ive ,ous , ish ,al , ic , ate , ent ,ary
    2. Nouns
      1. tion , ness ,ment , ship, ian , cy , hood , ing , logy , er.
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