17. Reading a Computer Screen isHarder than Reading Paper


In this module, we go over what makes it harder to read on computer screens, compared to other reading options.
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17. Reading a Computer Screen isHarder than Reading Paper
  1. Books, computers, and e-readers (such as kindles) all have their pro's and con's. Unfortunately for reading, there's some pretty big problems.
    1. Books
      1. Books reflect light, does not tire the eyes, but also cannot be read without a light source.
      2. Computer Screens
        1. An image on the screen, although it doesn't seem like it, is constantly refreshing. This constant refreshing (in combination with the emitted light), is what strains our eyes.
        2. E-Readers
          1. E-readers similar to a Kindle Paperwhite use what's called "electronic ink" that mimics a book. This "electronic ink" reflects light and doesn't constantly refresh. In fact, in some of the newer models, they actually have a backlight that doesn't emit blue light so you can read at night without the strain.
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