Task Analysis coursework

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Task Analysis coursework
  1. Cost
    1. Will this product be inexpensive?
      1. What are the best products to use that willl be cheap?
      2. What will my profit margin be?
        1. Whats the selling price?
          1. What type of research will i need for the cost
            1. Where can this be sold
              1. All retails sellers?
              2. How much will the product sell for ?
                1. 250% profit margin
              3. Aesthetics
                1. Will my product be aesthetically pleasing?
                  1. Will this be bright and colourful?
                    1. What colour range will used?
                      1. What will the primary scolours be?
                      2. Will the product be never seen before?
                        1. will this be dangerous?
                          1. Will it be appealing to all ages?
                          2. Function
                            1. How does the product work?
                              1. WIll it be safe for children?
                                1. Any sharp edges?
                                  1. will it get hot?
                                  2. Where will this be used?
                                    1. WIll it do anything else?
                                      1. How will it work?
                                        1. what research do i need to do?
                                          1. Colours?
                                            1. NeoChrome?
                                            2. Shape?
                                            3. Ergonomics
                                              1. Size?
                                                1. Weight?
                                                2. Are people going to use it?
                                                  1. Will this be complex?
                                                    1. who will it be used by?
                                                      1. how will i research the ergonomics
                                                      2. Quality
                                                        1. Will i need CAD or CAM?
                                                          1. Will i check my work?
                                                            1. What programs will i use
                                                            2. Will it be durable
                                                              1. Will this be used against tough metals
                                                            3. User
                                                              1. Who will be my taget audience?
                                                                1. Will it be suitable for this audience?
                                                                  1. Will this be safe for the audience?
                                                                  2. Gender?
                                                                    1. Intrests
                                                                    2. Age?
                                                                      1. Disabilities
                                                                        1. User friendly?
                                                                      2. Enviroment
                                                                        1. will this effect the environment?
                                                                          1. ll this contain any toxics?
                                                                            1. WIll this be easy to dispose of?
                                                                              1. Where will my product be used?
                                                                                1. Is this going to break down easily?
                                                                                  1. WHere will I find the research for the materials that I will use
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