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Characteristics: -Animals -Plants -Others

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1 Animals
1.1 Vertebrates
1.1.1 Mammals Land animals
1.1.2 Fish Live in water
1.1.3 Reptiles Scales
1.1.4 Birds Fly
1.1.5 Amphibians Live in water & land
1.2 Invertebrates
1.2.1 Cnidarians Tentacles that sting Jelly Fish
1.2.2 Echinoderms Spiny Skins Sea Urchins
1.2.3 Sponges A group of cells that work together
1.2.4 Arthropods millipede centipede spiders insects crustaceans
1.2.5 Molluscs Shell Move on foot
1.2.6 Worms Round & Flat Segmented bodies
2 Plants
2.1 Non-flowering
2.2 Flowering
3 Other Organisms
3.1 Fungi
3.2 Bacteria
3.3 Protists
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