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      1. Build new Tissues
        1. GROWING
          1. REPAIR
          1. ENERGY
          2. FATS
            1. STORED ENERGY
              1. MALNUTRITION
                1. UNDERWEIGHT
                  1. OVERWEIGHT
                2. WATER
                  1. CHEMICAL REACTION
                  2. FIBRE
                    1. VEG & FRUIT
                      1. HELP PREVENT CONSTIPATION
                        1. FAECES (POO)
                      2. VITAMINS & MINERALS
                        1. GENERAL HEALTH
                        2. METABOLIC RATE
                          1. AFFECTED BY EXECERSIE
                            1. AFFECTED BY GENETICS
                              1. AFFECTED BY MUSCLE/FAT
                              2. CHOLESTEROL
                                1. TOO MUCH CHOLESTEROL COULD BLOCK THE ARTERIES (HEART)
                                  1. WHICH LEADS TO HEART ATTACK
                                2. TYPE 2 DIABETES
                                  1. OCCURS WHEN YOU BECOME OVERWEUGHT
                                    1. YOU CAN'T CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR
                                      1. HAPPENS WHEN INSULINE IS NOT RECOGNIZED BY THE CELLS
                                    2. PATHOGENS AND DISEASE
                                      1. MICROORGANISM
                                        1. BACTERIA
                                          1. PRODUCE TOXIN
                                            1. POISONS
                                          2. VIRUSES
                                            1. VIRUSES INFECT BODY CELL
                                              1. START TO REPRODUCE
                                                1. BREAK BODY CELL
                                            2. FUNGI
                                              1. CAUSE DISEASE
                                                1. PATHOGENS
                                                2. HOW DOES THE BODY DEFEND ITSELF?
                                                  1. WHITE BLOOD CELL
                                                    1. INGEST PATHOGENS
                                                      1. PRODUCE ANTIBODIES
                                                        1. PRODUCES ANTITOXIN
                                                    2. ENZYMES ARE CHEMICALS THAT ARE ABLE TO BREAK DOWN AND DIGEST PATHOGENS
                                                      1. MMR IS AGAINST MEASLES, MUMPS,RUBELLA
                                                      2. DRUGS TO TREAT DISEASE
                                                        1. ANTIBIOTICS KILL INFECTIVE BACTERIA IN THE BODY
                                                          1. PENICILLIN IS AN ANTIBIOTIC WHICH WAS DISCOVERED BY ALEXANDER FLMING IN 1828
                                                          2. VIRUSES ARE DIFFICULT TO KILL BECAUSE THEY REPRODUCE INSIDE THE BODY CELL
                                                            1. PAINKILLERS AND OTHER DRUGS RELIEVE SYMPTOMS OF A DISEASE
                                                              1. HOWEVER THEY DONT KILL THE PATHOGEN
                                                            2. CHANGING PATHOGENS
                                                              1. SOME PATHOGENS CAN MUTATE (CHANGE)
                                                                1. PARTICULARLY VIRUSERS
                                                                  1. THEY MUTATE RESULTING A FORM CALLED MUTATION
                                                                    1. FEW PEOPLE ARE IMMUNE TO THESE CHANGED PATHOGENS
                                                                      1. SO DISEASE CAN SPREAD QUICKER
                                                                        1. DISEASE THAT SPREAD WITHIN A COUNTRY RESULT IN AN EPIDEMIC
                                                                          1. DISEASE THAT SPREAD ACROSS COUNTRIES RESULT IN PANDEMIC
                                                                        2. MRSA 'super bug' IS A BACTERIUM THAT EVOLVED THROUGH NATURAL SELECTION
                                                                          1. MRSA AND OTHER BACTERIA HAVE BECOME RESISTANT TO THE COMMON ANTIBIOTICS
                                                                      2. IMMUNITY
                                                                        1. DEAD/INACTIVE FORMS OF PATHOGEN ARE USED TO MAKE VACCINE
                                                                          1. VACCINE CAN BE INJECTED INTO THE BODY
                                                                            1. WHITE BLOOD CELLS REACT
                                                                              1. PRODUCING ANTIBIOTICS
                                                                                1. THIS MAKES THE PERSON IMMUNE
                                                                                  1. PREVENTS FURTHER INFECTION
                                                                                    1. THE BODY RESPONDS QUICKLY BY PRODUCING MORE ANTIBODIES
                                                                                      1. ANTIBODIES RECOGNISE THE ANTIGEN ON THE PATHOGEN
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