Ch.3 Scanning the Marketing Environment and Capturing Markets

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Ch.3 Scanning the Marketing Environment and Capturing Markets

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Ch.3 Scanning the Marketing Environment and Capturing Markets
  1. Analyzing the Marcoenvironment
    1. Find Market Opportunities
      1. identifying trends
        1. direction or sequences of events that have some momentum and durability
        2. Identifying megatrands
          1. major social, economic, political , and technological changes that have long-lasting influence
      2. Trends Shaping the business Landscape
        1. Profound shifts in centers of economic activity
          1. Increase in public-sector activity
            1. Changes in consumer landscape
              1. technology connectivity
                1. Scarcity of well-trained talent
                  1. increase in demand for natural resources
                    1. Emergence of new global industry structures
                      1. ubiquitous access to information
                        1. Management shifts from art to science
                          1. increase in security of big business practices
                          2. Environmental forces
                            1. Demographic
                              1. Population growth
                                1. Population age mix
                                  1. Ethnic markets
                                    1. Educational groups
                                      1. Household patterns
                                        1. Geographical shifts
                                        2. Political-Legal
                                          1. Technological
                                            1. Natural
                                              1. Shortage of raw materials
                                                1. Increased energy costs
                                                  1. Anti-pollution pressures
                                                    1. Governmental protections
                                                    2. Economic
                                                      1. Consumer environmental segments
                                                        1. True Blue Greens (30%)
                                                        2. Social-Cultural
                                                          1. Views of themselves
                                                            1. views of others
                                                              1. view of organizations
                                                                1. view of society
                                                                  1. view of nature
                                                                    1. view of the universe
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