To share business app to attract employers and potential customers

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To share business app to attract employers and potential customers
  1. Web Design Companies
    1. Sending CV's via email with links to website/app
      1. Links on website to Social Media Platforms to show work examples
        1. Facebook
          1. LinedIn
        2. To get the best employees in order to market their company to other media outlets
        3. Multi Media Companies
          1. email links to Social Media Pages with examples of work
            1. Facebook
              1. LinkedIn
                1. Google+
                2. To recruit people with up to date skill sets and knowledge and to showcase them for the particular company which employs them
                3. African/Afro-Caribean businesses
                  1. Visiting their businesses to offer business services
                    1. Hand in Business Cards with website address
                      1. Attending Business Seminars/Events to Network
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