Reported Speech - General Overview

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This is a Mind Map that shows an overview of the main 3 parts of reported speech. Each of the 3 parts, represented by a color, is dealt with separately in the 3 parts of this course. Reported speech statements (part I), reported Speech questions (part II), reporting structures (part III).

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Reported Speech - General Overview
    1. Verb tenses
      1. Present cont./ Past cont.
        1. Present simp./Past Simp.
          1. Past simp./Past perfect simp.
            1. Present perfect simp./Past perfect simp.
              1. Present perfect cont./Past perfect cont.
                1. Past cont./Past perfect cont.
                  1. Will/Would
                    1. Can/Could
                      1. May/Might
                        1. Must/Had to
                          1. Should/Should
                          2. Time expressions
                            1. Tonight/that night
                              1. Today/that day
                                1. Tomorrow/the following day
                                  1. Next week/the following week
                                    1. Yesterday/the previous day
                                      1. Last week/the previous week
                                        1. Ago/Before
                                          1. Now/At that moment-Then
                                          2. Place expressions
                                            1. Here/There
                                            2. Other expressions
                                              1. This/That
                                                1. These/Those
                                              2. QUESTIONS
                                                1. Yes/NO
                                                  1. IF+ not using Do
                                                    1. "Do I look good"?/He asked me if she was looking good
                                                  2. WH-
                                                    1. not inverting subject and verb
                                                      1. "What time is it"?/They asked me what time It was
                                                  3. OTHER REPORTING STRUCTURES
                                                    1. Verb+Object+Inf
                                                      1. Advise,Ask,Encourage,Invite,Remind,Warn
                                                      2. Verb+Inf
                                                        1. Agree,Decide,Offer,Promise,Refuse,Threaten,Claim
                                                        2. Verb+(that)sentence
                                                          1. Admit,Agree,Decide,Deny,Explain,Insist,Promise,Recommend,Suggest,Tell
                                                          2. Verb+Gerund
                                                            1. Deny,Recommend,Suggest,Regret,Advise
                                                            2. Verb+Object+Prep.+Gerund
                                                              1. Accuse,Blame,Congratule,Warn,Criticise
                                                              2. Verb+Prep.+Gerund
                                                                1. Apologize,Insist,object,confess
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