Document Security - Cambridge Nationals ICT

Beth Coiley
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Beth Coiley
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GCSE ICT Mind Map on Document Security - Cambridge Nationals ICT, created by Beth Coiley on 05/09/2015.

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Document Security - Cambridge Nationals ICT
  1. Passwords
    1. Not easy to guess
      1. At least 8 characters
        1. Changed regularly
          1. Combining letters and numbers
            1. Unique code
              1. Enables a user to log on to their individual flies
            2. Usernames
              1. Allows a user to gain access to an area of a network
              2. Ways to restrict document access
                1. Encrypt data
                  1. Set a business watermark
                    1. Doc. expiration time
                      1. Read-only files
                        1. Use good anti-malware tools
                          1. Access rights
                          2. Security Threats
                            1. Viruses
                              1. Designed to cause damage
                                1. Generally attached to executable files
                                  1. Will not infect a device unless opened or run
                                  2. Worms
                                    1. Spread from device to device
                                      1. Can travel without human action
                                        1. Can self-replicate
                                          1. Thousands of copies can be sent out to other devices
                                        2. Trojans
                                          1. Masquerades as a harmless or helpful item
                                            1. Results can vary
                                              1. Some are harmless or irritating
                                                1. Others can cause serious damage
                                            2. Access rights and permissions
                                              1. Files can be restricted to certain individuals or groups
                                                1. Helps assist with security issues
                                                  1. Varying levels of access can be set
                                                  2. Physical data and device security
                                                    1. Biometric authorisation
                                                      1. Alarms
                                                        1. Fire alarms
                                                          1. Burglar alarms
                                                          2. Fire-safety and proofing
                                                            1. Off-site backup
                                                              1. Prohibit addition of extra software/hardware
                                                                1. Prohibit removable storage devices
                                                                  1. Shred any unwanted printouts
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