Simple Chemical reactions

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Simple Chemical reactions
  1. Chemical Reaction
    1. In a chemical reaction new substances are produced.
      1. Substances that are used up in a chemical reaction are called reactants.
        1. Substances that are made during a chemical reaction are called products.
        2. Hydrogen
          1. Gases are often produced in chemical reactions.
            1. Hydrogen is produced when an acid reacts with a metal. The metal is used up. We call this corrosion.
              1. We test for hydrogen using a lighted splint. You hear a "pop" if there is hydrogen.
              2. Word Equation
                1. We can describe a chemical reaction with a word equation.
                2. Carbon Dioxide
                  1. An acid reacts with a carbonate to produce new substances. One of these is carbon dioxide.
                    1. We use limewater to test for carbon dioxide. It is the only gas that turns limewater cloudy.
                    2. Oxygen
                      1. Oxygen reacting with a substance is called burning or combustion.
                        1. The oxide of a substance is made when a substance burns.
                        2. Burning
                          1. Fuels release energy when they burn.
                            1. An explosion is very fast burning.
                              1. A fire needs oxygen from air, fuel and heat to burn. We show this as a fire triangle.
                                1. Fossil fuels contain only carbon and hydrogen. They release carbon dioxide and water when they burn.
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