Importance of Key Holy Places

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Importance of Key Holy Places
  1. Lourdes
    1. Lourdes is a Christian place of pilgrimage and it's where the Virgin Mary appeared.
      1. It is where Mary teaches to love the face of Christ and they believe that is they drink from the spring they will be healed.
      2. Hajj
        1. A pilgrimage that is for Muslims.
          1. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is compulsory for them to go.
          2. Western Wall
            1. The western wall is located in Jerusalem and is where many Jews visit.
              1. They write messages to their God and put them in the cracks of the wall.
              2. Dome of the Rock
                1. It's a shrine located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
                  1. They believe it is the place where Muhammad went to heaven
                  2. Mount Moriah
                    1. Mount Moriah is the mountain inside Jerusalem & is where Issac was sacrificed.
                      1. On top of the mountain is the Temple Mount and it has lots of holy sites
                      2. Via Delarosa
                        1. It is a street within Jerusalem
                          1. It is believed that Jesus walked through there on his way to his crucification
                          2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
                            1. The church is in Jerusalem and is where Jesus is believed to have died.
                              1. Christians want to see the place where Jesus died as it is an important part of their religion
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