Holy Places: India

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Holy Places: India
  1. Ganges River
    1. Hindus think that the River Ganges is sacred and personified as a goddess.
      1. Life Blood of the county
        1. They are spiritual paths between heaven and earth
          1. Water is a precious commodity - nothing can live with out it.
        2. Varanasi
          1. Significant because it is dedicated to the God Shiva (God of destruction)
            1. They wash in the River Ganges which they believe cleanses them and washes away their sins
              1. They can go to the Golden Temple and Tibetan Temple
              2. Tirthas means river crossings.
                1. Prayag
                  1. Important because it is the birthplace of Soma (moon diety) & Varun (Water Deity)
                    1. Sangam which is where the river Ganges and Yamuna integrate
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