Food and Digestion

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This is a year 8 biology summary topic mind map on: Food and Digestion.

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Food and Digestion
  1. Balanced Diet
    1. To stay healthy we need a balanced diet.
      1. The amount of each food group that we need depends on our age, our size, our sex and how active we are.
      2. Food Groups
        1. Nutrients
          1. Proteins for growth
            1. E.g. meat, fish
            2. Carbohydrates for energy
              1. Sugars
                1. E.g. fruit, sweets
                2. Starch
                  1. E.g. bread, potatoes
                3. Fats for energy
                  1. E.g. butter, cooking oil
                  2. Vitamins
                    1. E.g. fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk, eggs.
                    2. Minerals
                      1. E.g. milk (calcium), liver (iron).
                    3. Water
                      1. All food and drinks.
                      2. Fibre
                        1. E.g. cereals, vegetables.
                      3. In Our Digestive Systems
                        1. Our cells use food for energy for moving, growing and keeping warm. And for materials to grow and to repair themselves.
                          1. Large molecules of proteins, carbohydrates and fats get digested by enzymes.
                            1. Small molecules of amino acids, sugars, fatty acids and glycerol get absorbed into the bloodstream, and then into the cells.
                            2. We do not digest fibre. It passes out of our bodies in the faeces.
                              1. We absorb small molecules such as vitamins, minerals and water without digestion.
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