Was the Munich Beerhall Putsch a total failure?

Tom Lea
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GCSE Old Germany GCSE NOT for Yr11 from 2017 onwards Mind Map on Was the Munich Beerhall Putsch a total failure?, created by Tom Lea on 10/11/2013.

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Was the Munich Beerhall Putsch a total failure?
1 Yes
1.1 Hitler was arrested
1.1.1 Sentenced to 5yrs in prison
1.2 Hitler ran away
1.2.1 dislocated shoulder
1.2.2 Makes him look like a coward
1.3 Army and police crush the uprising
1.3.1 16 Nazis died, only 3 police
1.4 Hitler was naive
1.4.1 truly believes he has Kahr's support Allows Kahr to leave Kahr betrays Hitler - alerts the Army
1.4.2 Hitler only has only 3000 stormtroopers Not enough to take over Germany
1.4.3 Assumes he'll get the army's support
1.4.4 Nazis are a small, regional party - don't have country wide support
2 No
2.1 Support
2.1.1 Got Luddendorf on his side - famous WWI hero
2.1.2 Shows he had people prepared to die for him and his cause
2.2 Prison sentence
2.2.1 Only 5 yrs for a very serious crime Only serves 9 months shows judges were sympathetic to his ideas
2.2.2 He's treated well in prison
2.2.3 Writes his book 'Mein Kampf' Gets his ideas across to more people Becomes a bestseller
2.3 Trial
2.3.1 Uses his trial to give speeches Printed in national newspapers Makes the Nazis famous across the country Nazis gain support Becomes seen as the natural leader of the extreme right
2.4 Failure makes him change tactics
2.4.1 Aims to win power legally
2.4.2 1924 elections Nazis win 32 seats
2.4.3 Ultimately in 1933 Hitler will be elected Chancellor
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