Equitorial characteristics

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equitorial strucutre

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Equitorial characteristics
  1. Climate
    1. rainfalls all year
      1. one season
        1. High temp all year, av 26
          1. over 2000mm rainfall annually
            1. rainfall is convectional
              1. The surface of the earth is heated by the sun. The warm surface heats the air above it. Hot air always rises so this newly heated air does so. As it rises the air-cools and begins to condensate. Further rising and cooling causes a large amount of condensation to occur and rain is formed. Convection tends to produce towering cumulo-nimbus clouds, which produce heavy rain and possible thunder and lightning.
              2. diurnal temp range
                1. high humidity - 70%+
                  1. Hot, very wet and very humid
                    1. daily temperature range 25 - 33 (diurnal range), 9 degree range
                    2. Flora and Fauna
                      1. Soils
                        1. Latosoils
                          1. Leaching
                          2. Vegetation
                            1. Issues
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