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OH&S Assessment 2

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OH&S MindMap
  1. Work
    1. Time Periods
      1. Industrial
        1. Pre
          1. Farming - Rich/Poor
          2. Post
            1. Manufacturing - Wages
          3. Mass production
            1. Capitalism/Consumption
          4. As pay decreases, so does the safety controls
          5. Humans
            1. Human psychology relevant to OHS
              1. Behavioural psychology
                1. "The foundation of behaviour-based safety"
                2. Cognitive psychology
                  1. "Highlights the cognitive capacities of workers and errors that can occur in decision making"
                3. Humans in the workplace
                  1. Human Behaviour
                    1. Risk Taking
                      1. All must be considered to improve workplace safety
                      2. Risk Appraisal
                        1. Care of self and others
                        2. Social Interactions
                          1. OHS can be affected with day to day interactions with others
                      3. Risk
                        1. When faced with risk, options range from doing nothing to eliminating the risk
                          1. Residual Risk
                            1. "Residual risk is the risk that is left after controls are in place or inherent risk without controls"
                          2. Health
                            1. "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"
                              1. Health Promotion
                                1. The process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health
                                2. Health Protection
                                  1. Mitigation of risks
                                    1. Harm
                                      1. Disease
                                        1. Impairment
                                          1. Loss/reduced functioning
                                            1. Psycho-social affects
                                      2. Safety
                                        1. Bad Apple Theory
                                          1. Unreliable people "bad apples" make workplaces unsafe
                                            1. Workplace accidents are the result of "bad apples"
                                              1. 'Bad apple' caused accidents can be avoided if individuals pay more atention, invest more effort, obey the rule or follow the procedure
                                            2. "According to the 'bad apple theory', adverse outcomes can be avoided if individuals pay more attention, invest more effort, obey the rule or follow the procedure
                                          2. Hazards
                                            1. "A hazard is a situation or thing that has the potential to harm a person (or thing")
                                              1. Hazards Include
                                                1. Chemical
                                                  1. Biological
                                                    1. Psychological
                                                      1. Fatigue
                                                        1. Noise
                                                          1. Electricity
                                                            1. Thermal (Heat & Cold)
                                                              1. The fundamental test for whether something is a hazard is that if it is eliminated there is no risk
                                                          2. Controls
                                                            1. Risk Control
                                                              1. Refers to controlling the complexity of risk sources and interactions that is necessary for management of residual risk as opposed to treatment of specific risk."
                                                                1. Part of the OHS job
                                                                  1. Includes recommending appropriate and effective controls to manage hazards and risks
                                                                    1. Minimisation of Risks
                                                                  2. In developing controls it is useful to envisage a time sequence that commences before the incident and extends beyond it to include damage or injury outcomes
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