Kubla Khan- George Taylor Coleridge

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Kubla Khan- George Taylor Coleridge
  1. Context
    1. written under the influence of opium
      1. key poet in the romantic era
        1. metaphor for the rational and irrational mind
          1. unfettered imagination
          2. interpreted as an allegory on the subject of inspiration
            1. rational mind vs irrational mind
          3. narrative stance
            1. third person
              1. descriptive
              2. Grammar and Syntax
                1. declarative mood
                  1. interrupted by exclamatories
                  2. fronted conjunctions
                    1. conveys the shift in mood
                    2. adverbials
                      1. strong sense of location
                    3. Lexis/ Imagery
                      1. contrast between lexis- suggesting beauty and serenity of nature
                        1. dynamic forceful verbs
                          1. gothic imagery
                            1. concludes with a paradox
                              1. summing up the confusion of the vision
                            2. structure and form
                              1. extract from a longer poem
                                1. can be read symbolically, allegorically, its essential an evocative portrait of a paradoxical place
                                2. Phonology
                                  1. iambic tetrameter
                                    1. 8 syllables, 4 feet
                                    2. ABAABCCDEDE
                                      1. Alliteration
                                        1. chant like musical in conation
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