Movement in 1910-1920's

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203 History class. Movement in the early 1910-1920's

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Movement in 1910-1920's
1 Problem: Nativists feared that immigrants would negatively transform the American society
1.1 Ways that it could impact America:
1.1.1 catholic, Orthodox. Jewish
1.1.2 Wont be loyal
1.1.3 Threat to jobs
1.1.4 Communists
1.1.5 Blamed for slums and crimes
1.2 We can restrict entry by:
1.2.1 1924: 25 of 1980
1.2.2 1921: 3% of 1910 Census
1.2.3 Immigration Act of 1917: The Literacy Test. Barred Asiatics
1.3 We can Americanize immigrants already living in America
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