under the hood of a computer

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under the hood of a computer
  1. RAM: the random access memory.
    1. the hard drive is a brief type of memory in which programmes and data are stored.
      1. the main circuit board:
        1. this is where it hold all the computer pieces together
    2. CPU: Central processing unit.
      1. carries instructions for the computer
        1. The motherboard:
          1. the motherboard allows power to the CPU AND RAM.
      2. Hard drive:
        1. a hard drive is what stores all your data.
          1. a sound card:
            1. allows the computer to produce sound.
          2. USB port:
            1. A usb port is a small space in on the side of the computer. this allows you to put lots of different wires and cables in it e.g. phone chargers, memory sticks, mouse's and keyboards.
              1. A digital card:
                1. controls all the gaphics (pictures,videoes e.tc.) onto your computer screen
                2. headphones:
                  1. produces sound
              2. Mouse;
                1. the mouse is used to select items on the computer screen.
                  1. a digital camera:
                    1. it stoes all the pictures and videos it takes in electronic format instead of a film.
                2. A power supply;
                  1. it supplies power the computer
                    1. A DISPLAY DEVISE:
                      1. is the computer screen
                  2. a fan unit:
                    1. its a fan inside the computer which releases warm air.
                      1. A keyboard:
                        1. this is used for typing text onto the screen. it also has a varity of keys to represent differtent symbols.
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