English Lit: Wider Reading Texts

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English Lit: Wider Reading Texts
  1. Pygmalion Quotes
    1. Burning Eliza clothes by Higgins 'take all her clothes off and burn them' Noun - causing injury to flames could link to the injury of her identity, Higgins causing her pain to some measure
      1. 'Pickering shall we ask the baggage to sit down or shall we throw her out the window' concrete noun - insult to Eliza from Higgins showing his cruel personality and also belittles her from the beginning, shows attuide towards women through insults
        1. 'Eliza flinches violently but they take no notice of her' verb adverb - shows how she reacts seems very unnanture and uses disturbing imagery to show how she feels effected
        2. Fat Black Women Poems Quotes
          1. The Fat Black Women goes Shopping
            1. 'De weather so cold' Collquial - due to her nation language thats how she would speak therefore giving the reader an insight into her life and therefore showing her differncnes that we can see
              1. The choice is lean' noun - showing the unartural dress code, that there isnt much to wear that she will like, so hidding identity with the clothing choices in england pehapes not allowing diversity, Lean - The building is leaning which coudl make it strange/weird.
              2. The fat black women composes a black poem
                1. 'Quick home run' positive connataions linked with this
                  1. 'Blackness of a rolling ship' links in with their history of slavery due to the colour of skin 'black as the blackness of a swift backlash' the negative abuse of their identity, becuase of skin differene
                  2. Like a Beacon
                    1. 'Craving for my mothers food' powerful noun for wanting, strong desire
                      1. 'I need this link' & 'I need this touch of home' her identity being lost and missing her true life
                      2. Fear
                        1. 'Bruising awkward as plums' the skins not getting along & 'are you going sometime?' when shes going home, doesn't belong
                          1. 'I think my childs too loving for this fear' juxtaposition between love and fear
                          2. Two old men sat on a Lesicter Square park bench
                            1. 'dream revoultions you could of forged or mourn' and 'ghost memories of desire' things they could of made, either been something positive but they didn't do anthing
                              1. 'coats of silence' awkward impression
                                1. 'The sun was traded long ago' the identity of the men has beentraded for something else, the life in britain
                              2. Ann Frank
                                1. 'we weren't allowed to have a opinion'
                                  1. 'people can tell you to shut up but they can't help you from having a opion'
                                    1. Anne's relationship with her mother slowly deterates 'she' or 'mother' rarely seen more formal prounouns , childish voice talks about death
                                      1. 'was filled with my friends and having a good time' misses the old life she once had
                                        1. 'men, women and children seperated' emtotive language innocent havent done anything
                                          1. Page 202 ends with a italic extract about love, her defintion of love maybe, 'love what is love?' rhertical question asking even herself , states and identity, sexual desires
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