Topic 5.1 Key Words

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Topic 5.1 Key Words
  1. Biosphere
    1. Part of the earth occupied living organisms.
    2. Ecosystem
      1. An ecological term refering to all the organisms living in a particular environment.
      2. Abiotic
        1. An ecological factor that is part of the non-living or physical environment of an organism.
          1. Solar Energy Input
            1. Climate
              1. Topography (physical environment ie. Slope)
                1. Oxygen availabilty
                  1. Edaphic (soil)
                    1. Pollution.
                      1. Catastrophies
                    2. Biotic
                      1. An ecological factor that is part of the living environment of an organism.
                        1. Predation
                          1. Competition (interspecific/intraspecific)
                            1. Grazing
                              1. Parasitism
                                1. Mutualism
                              2. Photosyntheis
                                1. The process by which by which plants and certain other organisms are able to convert CO2 into carbohydrates using light energy
                                2. Habitats
                                  1. A particular place where a community of organisms are found
                                  2. Population
                                    1. A group of individuals belonging to one species
                                    2. Community
                                      1. All living organisms found in a particular place at a particular time
                                      2. Interspecific
                                        1. Between different species
                                        2. Intraspecific
                                          1. Between members of the same species
                                          2. Density dependant
                                            1. An ecological factor whose effects are related to the population density of the organism concerned.
                                            2. Predator
                                              1. An organism that feeds on another organism
                                              2. Anthropogenic factors
                                                1. Ecological factor arising from human activity that affects the organisms living in an ecosystem
                                                2. Herbivore
                                                  1. An organism that feeds on plants or other photosynthesising organisms
                                                  2. Succession
                                                    1. The ecological process in which one community progressively changes into another
                                                    2. Primary Succession
                                                      1. Is a succession that starts in a place where there has not been a community before.
                                                      2. Pioneer Species
                                                        1. The first organisms to colonise a newly formed habitat or habitat which has been cleared on vegetation
                                                        2. Climax Community
                                                          1. The different species of organisms that make up the final stage of an ecological succession
                                                          2. Secondary Succession
                                                            1. A succession which starts where an existing community has been cleared
                                                            2. Deflected Succession
                                                              1. A community which remains stable only because of human activity
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