Battle of Hastings

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Battle of Hastings Mind map

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Battle of Hastings
1 William the Conquerer
1.1 Norman
1.1.1 Unlikeable Anglosaxons rebel Force Harrying of the north
1.2 Conquerer
1.2.1 Won Battle of Hastings
1.2.2 Killed Godwinson
2 Edward the confessor
2.1 No family
2.2 Promised contenders throne
2.2.1 He died
2.3 Dispute over throne
3 Stanford Bridge
3.1 Harald Hadrada is killed
3.1.1 By Harold Godwinson
3.2 Up North
3.2.1 Harolds army marches back down south To fight William No rest!
4 Battle itself
4.1 Godwinson is killed
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