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Mind Map on ICT BTEC, created by Abigail Robbins on 05/13/2015.

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  1. Online Services- are facilities that users can access over the internet and which allow data exchange and interaction. There are four types:
    1. Communication- Is about moving data between user's. e.g. email or instant messaging.
      1. Advantage- Instant response from someone who is remote from you.
      2. Real- time information- Is used to get up to date information. e.g. train timetables and travel reports.
        1. Advantage- provides up to date information when picking people up from the airport.
        2. Commerce- Involves business - buying, selling and money services such as banking. e.g. online auction and internet banking.
          1. Advantage- Allows user's to carry out transactions without the need to use physical money and globally
          2. Government- Involves public services, such as government bodies, like the DVLA and local council. e.g. online tax returns and e-voting.
            1. Advantage- saves time and is more convenient.
            2. Education- Involves learning and training. e.g. online learning for learners and online training
              1. Advantage- Allows you to do training from the comfort of your own computer and at your own pace.
              2. Entertainment-Involves using the internet for leisure and fun. e.g. online gaming and catch up TV.
                1. Advantage- Enhances the gaming experience by allowing you to play against people you may not know.
                2. Virtual learning environment (VLE)- Is a virtual classroom that allows teachers and learners to communicate with eachother, e.g. moodle and blackboard
                  1. Advantage- Cost effective for the school/ college and allows the school/ college to track the submission of learners' work
                  2. Business- Involves businesses using websites to make their business more efficient e.g. video conferencing (Skype)
                    1. Advantage- Allows you to get the best price on purchases
                    2. Download services- Involves files which can be downloaded and saved onto the user's computer, (LEGAL services) e.g. music and film and software downloads.
                      1. Advantage- makes purchasing easier and more affordable
                    3. Disadvantages- You need to have wifi, the worry of hackers and the saftey
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