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  1. Online services- are facilities that users can access over the internet and which allow data exchange and interaction. There are nine types.
    1. Real-time information- this service is used to get up-to-date information.E.g, train timetables and travel reports.
      1. Advantage- provides up-to-date information when picking people up from the airport.
      2. Commerce- This involves business- buying, selling and money services such as banking. E.g,, online auction and internet banking.
        1. Advantages- lets user's complete transactions without physical money and globally.
        2. Government- This service involves public services such as government bodies, like the DVLA and local council. E.g, online tax returns and e-voting.
          1. Advantage- save time and is more convientient
          2. Communication-this service is about moving data between users.E.g, email and instant messaging.
            1. Advantages- Instant response from someone who is remote from you.
            2. Education- This service involves learning and training. E.g, online learning for learners and online training
              1. Advantages- Allows you to do training from the comfort from your own computer and your own place.
              2. Entertainment- Involves using the internet for leisure and fun. E.g, online gaming and catch-up TV.
                1. Advantage- enhances the gaming experience by allowing you to play against people you may not know.
                2. Virtual learning environment (VLE)- Is a virtual classroom that allows trachers and learniers to communicate with each other. E.g, moodle and blackboard.
                  1. Advantage-Cost effective for the school/college and allows the school/college to track the submission of learners' work
                  2. Business- Involves businesses using websites to make their business more efficient or to save money. E.g, video conferencing (skype)
                    1. Advantage- Allows you to get the best price on purchases
                    2. Download services- This involves files which can be downloaded and saved onto the user's computer. These are LEGAL services. E.g, music and film and software downloads.
                      1. Advantage makes purchasing easier and more affordable-
                      2. Disadvantages- Security, only need wifi
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