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Una asignatura para mi clase de concentración, lo pueden utilizar como idea, pero no copiarlo o será demandado(da) por plagio.

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1 Poetry 1921 by: Merrian Moore
2 A Rhymical writing who is written by a person who is inspired by memory or it's sorroundings.
2.1 Internal Rhyming
2.2 External Rhyming
2.3 and
3 Genres of Poetry
3.1 Love Poems
3.1.1 Comedy Poem Lonely Poetry Nature Poetry War Poetry Atrocities By: Siegrad Sassoon Loviest of Trees by: A.E Houseman Road Not Taken By: Robert Frost Grammar My Second Woman by: Eduardo Ramirez
3.1.2 Meeting at Night by: Robert Browing
3.2 are
3.3 Poetry also has it's own language
3.3.2 are grouped by
4 Writers
4.1 Speaker
4.1.1 Tone Word Choice Voice
4.2 Writing Styles
4.3 A Poet motive or inspiration may influence from their
4.4 has its own preferences in poetry
4.5 Creates The
4.6 Has
5 Kinds of Poems
5.1 Dramatic Monologue
5.1.1 Lyric Epic Balad A popular song, often recited aloud, narrating a story, and passed down orally Narative Herioc Couplets Terza Rima Free verse uneven lines and absence rhyme Enjabment The running over of a sentence or phrase from one verse to the next, without terminal puntuation, hence not end-stopped. Such verse can be called run-ons Has three lines but the first and last line rhyme Two Rhymed lines of iambic pentameter A poem that recounts a story An extended narrative with a heroic or superhuman protagonist in an action of great significance in a vast setting short poem ultered by a single speaker, who expresses a state of mind or a process of perceptio, thought, and feeling
5.1.2 A poem representing itself as speech made by one person to a silent listener, usually not the reader
6 Memories or situations
7 Kind of Stanzas
7.1 Stanza
7.1.1 Two more lines of poery that together form a division
7.1.2 Quartain Stanza or poem of four lines with a rhyme sceme of abab or variant abcb Octave Couplet sestet A stanza with six lines A two -line stanza with rhyming lines of similar lenght and meter A stanza with eight lines
8 is
9 Figurative Language
9.1 Simile
9.1.1 Methaphor Personification Apostrophe Allusion A reference in a work of literature to something outside work; known event,place,person,or thing in history or another work of literature. The bible, or mythology Direct address to someone or to something that is not present or which a poem seems to speek to something that cannot respond A figurative use of language that endows the nounhuman with human characteristics. "Sky lowered, adn muttering thunder, some sad drops wep at completing of the mortal sin Use of language in which a comparison si made without the use of the comparative terms (as,like,than)
9.1.2 A direct comparison using terms "as", "like", or "than"
9.2 The use of words to mean something other tha the literal meaning
9.3 Metonymy
9.3.1 Synecdoche Symbol Oxymoron Paradox Aself-contradictory or absurd phrase or sentence but in reality expresses a posible truth. For example: "I must be cruel only to be kind" An expression imposible in fact but not necessarily self-contradictory. Example " Frozed Lava" Something that is simutaneosly itself and a sing for something else of real existance. for example: Ask your self what The Holy Cross signifies A figure of speech where the part stands for the whole or the whole is used to signify a part "The Law Bread"
9.3.2 A poet substitutes a word normally associated with something for the term usually naming that thing "Big Apple for New York "
9.4 is
9.5 Hyperbole
9.5.1 Onomatopeia Understatement Allegory Sensory Imagery Kinesthetic: movement Visual: Sight Tactile : touch Gustatory : taste Auditory: sound Olfatory: smell Thermal: temperature Language that evokes a physical sensation produced by one or more the sense Story in which people, things and events have another meaning. An Allegory is a narrative having second meaning beneath the surface one- a story with two meanings, a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning impliying more than said ; saying less than is meant any word whose sound echoes its meaning "buzz and hiss"
9.5.2 exaggeration beyond reasonable credance " wait an eternity"
9.6 Synesthesia
9.6.1 Rhythm Scansion Meter Foot Hexameter: 6 feet Pentameter : 5 feet Tetrameter: 4 feet Monometer: 1 foot Trimeter: 3 feet Heptameter: 7 feet Dimeter : 2 feet Octameter: 8 feet The recurrence of regular units of stressed and unstressed syllables Is the analysis fo patterns of stressed and unstressed syllabes The regular recurrence of sounds stress Occurs when one syllable is emphasized more than another
9.6.2 A blending of different sense in describing something
10 Also can be defined by
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