"Of Mice and Men"

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"american dream" and some characters and their dreams throughout the novel

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"Of Mice and Men"
  1. The American Dream
    1. Curley's Wife:
      1. She wanted to be a famous actress but she can't because she is in a loveless and trapped marriage with Curley
      2. George:
        1. He says he wants to have a life without Lennie and says that his life would be a lot easier without him. But his dream is not able to become true because he has Lennie to take care of
          1. "God a'mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy."
            1. "An' whatta I got," George went on furiously. "I got you!"
            2. Lennie:
              1. Lennie's dream is to "tend the rabbits" and to own a farm and live "off the fatta lan"
                1. "I remember about the rabbits, George"
                2. Curley:
                  1. Curley's dream is to become a lightweight boxing champion but his dream is not able to be accomplished because he is married to Curley's wife.
                  2. Candy:
                    1. Candy's dream is to get the farm with George and Lennie. He says that he will give them his earnings so that they could buy a farm.
                    2. Crooks:
                      1. Crooks' dream is for the discrimination of racism, ageism or sexism to be demolished and so he can live the way his parents and family lived in the earlier years.
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