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Mind map of fieldwork ideas for garthdee.

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  1. When is the peak business time?
    1. Does weather affect this?
      1. What is the type of weather that makes the centre busy?
      2. What are the age ranges?
        1. What times do the different ages go at?
      3. How far do people travel to get to the centre?
        1. How long does it take for them by car/bus/walking?
          1. Survey of transport
        2. Why is the centre growing and adding new facilities?
          1. Is it due to growth in population?
            1. Evidence of the growth in population over ten years
          2. What is going to happen in the future?
            1. Is there going to be any development?
              1. New facilities
                1. New site
                2. Is the population going to grow more due to migration?
                  1. Growth in the centre
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