C3 - Atoms, Molecules & Compounds

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Created by luci.crook about 6 years ago
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C3 - Atoms, Molecules & Compounds
1 Atoms
1.1 Really tiny, positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons
1.1.1 Electrons move around the nucleus in layers known as shells
1.2 Can form bonds to make molecules or compounds
1.2.1 It's the electrons involved in making bonds If an atom loses one or more electrons it becomes positively charged If an atom gains one or more electrons it becomes negatively charged
1.3 Charged atoms are known as ions
1.3.1 If a positive ion meets a negative ion, they are attracted to another and join This is called an ionic bond
1.4 The other main bond is called a covalent bond
1.4.1 When non-metal atoms join, they form covalent bonds by sharing pairs of electrons Because the bond is a shared pair, no atom loses electrons
2 Molecular Formulas
2.1 CH4 means Methane
2.1.1 It contains 1 Carbon and 4 Hydrogen Atoms
2.2 CO2
2.2.1 Carbon Dioxide
2.3 H2
2.3.1 Hydrogen
2.4 H2O
2.4.1 Water
2.5 HCl
2.5.1 Hydrochloric acid
2.6 CaCl2
2.6.1 Calcium Chloride
2.7 CO
2.7.1 Carbon Monoxide
2.8 MgCl2
2.8.1 Magnesium Chloride
2.9 CaCO3
2.9.1 Calcium Chloride
2.10 H2SO4
2.10.1 Sulfuric acid
2.11 MgSO4
2.11.1 Magnesium Sulfate

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