Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt
  1. Ancient Egyptian society
    1. pharaoh
      1. ruler
        1. girl or boy
          1. only one pharaoh at a time
          2. vizier
            1. pharaohs advizier
              1. lives in the place with Pharaoh
                1. includes priest and officials
                2. scribes
                  1. can read and write
                    1. record keeper for the pharaoh
                      1. highly respected and trained
                        1. do all the work
                        2. craftsman
                          1. skilled
                            1. potters/carpenters/builders/artists
                            2. could earn money
                            3. farmers
                              1. produce the food
                                1. depended on the Nile flooding
                                  1. worked on the buildings and other projects for the pharaoh
                                  2. servents
                                    1. worked for pharaohs and other rich people
                                    2. slaves
                                      1. were usually foreigners who were forced to work
                                        1. helped build the pyramids
                                        2. PHAROH
                                          1. VIZIER
                                            1. SCRIBES
                                              1. CRAFTSMEN
                                                1. FARMERS
                                                  1. SERVANTS/SLAVES
                                        3. nile
                                          1. IT GAVE THEM LIFE
                                            1. food
                                              1. fish
                                                1. water
                                                  1. birds
                                                  2. transport
                                                    1. for people and food
                                                    2. flooded once every year
                                                      1. river bank= black lands
                                                        1. when water covered the fields, Egyptians worked Pharoh
                                                          1. when water level went back down the Egyptians worked back at their feels
                                                          2. every time the crops grew, asirus came back to life
                                                          3. Beliefs in Ancient Egypt
                                                            1. the ancient egyptians believed in may gods (they were polytheistic)
                                                              1. they worship their gods by
                                                                1. prayer
                                                                  1. buildings (temples)
                                                                    1. only priests were allowed in the temple
                                                                    2. offerings
                                                                      1. shrines
                                                                        1. hymn (songs)
                                                                        2. the temples sanctuary was prayer rooms, granaries and a library
                                                                        3. Mummies
                                                                          1. pull out the brain through nostrils
                                                                            1. sharpen implements for cutting open the flesh
                                                                              1. Wash internal organs, dry them and wrap in linen
                                                                                1. bandage whole body with linen
                                                                                  1. obtain Canopic jars
                                                                                    1. pack brain cavity with linen
                                                                                      1. cut open the cheat
                                                                                        1. leave the body for about t15 days
                                                                                          1. remove the heart
                                                                                            1. soak body in natron
                                                                                              1. remove internal organs
                                                                                                1. get bags of natron
                                                                                                  1. pack eye sockets with linen
                                                                                                    1. stuff body with bags of neutron and resin-soaked bandages
                                                                                                      1. obtain 7 metres of the finest linen
                                                                                                        1. wash heart,dry it and return to chest cavity
                                                                                                          1. place internal organs in Canopic jars
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