Ancient Egpt Units 1&2

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These are some questions about Ancient Egypt.

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Anceint Egypt Unit 1 & Unit 2
1. When did Rome conqour Egypt? 30 BCE
2. What was the land south of the delta named? Upper Egypt
3. What happened in 3000BCE? King Menes united Upper & LOwer Egypt
4. What is Modern Egypt's capital city? Cairo
5. How much rain does it receive per year? 35 millimeters (average)
6. True or False. Ancient Egypt didn't occupy (almost) the same area as Modern Egypt. False
7. Why won't hot deserts support life? No crops will grow and livestock will have nothing to eat.
8. What is King Menes also known as? Narmer
9. How long did Ancient Egyption civilisation last? 3000 years
10. What part of the Sahara did Ancient Egypt cover? North-eastern part
11. Where does the White Nile start? Near Lake Victoria
12. Who called Egypt "The Gift of the Nile"? Herodotus
13. What is the name of the reed used to make paper? Papyrus
14. why was the desert named The Red Land? The sand in it was red.
15. How many seasons did the Ancient Egyptions have? 3
16. What were their names? Akhet, Peret and Shemu
17. What was the "Season of Inudation"? Akhet
18. What was the "Season of Drought"? Shemu
19. What was the "Season of Emergance"? Peret
20. What would happen if the flooding of the Nile was too low? Houses woud get destroyed and animals would drown.
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