Our World - The UK: customs, traditions, social relationships

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Our World - The UK: customs, traditions, social relationships
  1. LESSON 1
    1. AIMS: To compare the weather in different countries; To acknowledge the existence of English speaking countries; To acknowledge the existence of different English Accents; To locate English speaking countries on the map
      1. VOCABULARY: England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand
        1. GRAMMAR: What's the weather like? What season is it? What are the colours of the flag? Where is Scotland?
          1. CULTURE: To norture curiosity for other cultures; To encourage an open attitude towards speakers of other languages
            1. MATERIALS: http://prezi.com/yhxwha3kifjc/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share https://www.goconqr.com/pt-PT/p/2701365-Seasons-flash_card_decks http://www.cram.com/flashcards/estados-tempo-5834854
            2. LESSON 2
              1. AIMS: To learn about famous places in London; To recognize english symbols
                1. VOCABULARY: Bridge, Museum, Palace, Park, Zoo, Tourist, Queen, Crown, London
                  1. CULTURE: The importance of national symbols; To prepare pupils to function in a culturally heterogeneous environment
                  2. GRAMMAR: Where is London? It has got...; Has it got? Yes, it has; No, it hasn't
                    1. MATERIALS: https://animoto.com/play/AviUbw15sdFqgd0f1YZYjw https://youtu.be/P2WQBD6nNY4 https://youtu.be/pvF9ZxfRlRc
                  3. LESSON 3
                    1. AIMS: To learn about Scotland
                      1. VOCABULARY: Kilt; Bagpipe; Highland; Thistle; Nessie; Loch; Selkie; Garlic
                        1. GRAMMAR: There is a museum in town; There are many bagpipes
                          1. CULTURE: To promote education through communication; Motivating for values such as respect for others, mutual aid, solidarity
                            1. MATERIALS: pdf Scotland
                            2. LESSON 4
                              1. AIMS: To learn about Wales and Northern Ireland
                                1. VOCABULARY: Cardiff, Belfast, Irish, Welsh, Daffodils, Shamrock, Leek, Giant's Causeway, Leprechaun
                                  1. CULTURE: To compare what was learnt - this new cultural reality - with life in their our country
                                    1. MATERIALS: https://s.tudy.it/oszg2 https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/e0e876be-6be2-485b-afa1-59bbd0c1e69a https://s.tudy.it/wf9mp
                                    2. GRAMMAR: Where does he come from? What nationality is he? What's your nationality?
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