Lord President Northumberland 1550-3

Ellie McHugh
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Lord President Northumberland 1550-3
  1. Struggle for power
    1. Somerset vs. Northumberland
      1. Problems of government
        1. E6 is growing up
          1. Needs to create a close link
            1. Political move to allow more control
          2. Diplomacy
            1. Treaty of Boulogne 1550
            2. Religious reform
              1. Full Protestantism
                1. 24th Nov 1552
              2. Revenue
                1. Shortfall
                  1. Reorganises our expenditure
                    1. Chantry lands sold
                      1. Financial departments scrutinised and savings made by amalgamating them
                        1. Keeper of the Privy Purse revived
                          1. 7 apprenticeships introduced to improve cloth production
                      2. Debasement of the coinage
                        1. Fixes it through rebasement 1552
                        2. Vagrancy and poverty
                          1. Enforces anti-enclosure problems
                            1. Repeats Vagrancy acts and sheep tax
                          2. Succession
                            1. 'Bad Duke'
                              1. LJG- 9 Days
                                1. Political Pawn
                                  1. Engaged to son
                                    1. Guildford Dudley
                                    2. Great granddaughter of H8
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