The Government of Henry VII and Threats to His Rule

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Brief facts about England prior to 1485. - Lost land in France, its main threat, who was Scotland's Allie. French monarchs earnt more - King had court to entertain and influence him, he made all decisions, parliament for money, nobles gave advice to king (privy council). - main export was cloth in Netherlands
State the first events on the timeline of Henry VII. 1485 August: Battle of Bosworth October: Crowned King 1486 January: Henry marries Elizabeth of York July: Conspiracy of Lovell and Stafford September: Prince Arthur born Act of Resumption passed.
What is the Act of Resumption Return crown and property from 1455 to Henry VII, Parliament granted
What happened in June 1487? Simnels Rebellion and Battle of Stoke
What happened in 1489? Yorkshire Rebellion
What happened in 1491-99? Warbecks Rebellion
What happened in June 1491? Prince Henry was born
What happened in 1497 May? Cornish Rebellion
What happened in October 1497, and then November 1499 Warbeck surrendered and he was hung 2 years later.
What happened in April 1502? Death of Prince Arthur
What happened in February 1503? Death of Queen Elizabeth
What happened in April 1506? Edmund De La Pole was imprisoned
What happened in April 1509? Henry VII died.
How did Henry VII secure his position? - signed his crowning before he defeated Richard III at Bosworth (so everyone opposing him could be seen as a traitor and have land removed) - Had coronation before Parliament met so accusations of Parliament favoring him couldn't be met. -Marry a York cousin to secure family.
What did he do with the Yorkist claims and who were they? Edward Earl of Warwick and John De la pole, Earl of Lincoln. Warwick was put in the tower but the earl of Lincoln said he supported Henry and so he was given a second chance as were other Yorkists.
Why was Henry VII originally weak? He was in exile for 14 years in Brittany so he wasn't known.
What was the Lovell Conspiracy? Lovell and Stafford who were supporters of Henry VII tried to challenge him however this was unsuccessful and Stafford was executed after seeking sanctuary and Lovell fled to Flounders, furthermore Henry's visit to the North won him loyalty.
What did the Yorkshire and Cornish rebellion have in common? Both about taxes: for Henry to help aid in Brittany against France (Yorkshire who had to pay taxes for protection from Scots) and to help aid from James IV against attacking the north and helping Perkin Warbeck (Cornwall didn't see point since it was so northern).
Were either rebellions a threat? Earl of Northumberland murdered for attempting to collect tax, but Henry gave royal pardons and he needed to gain favour of them so gave an Earl who was foreign to the area. Cornish was not a threat his assemble of 25,000 men crushed rebels, and he was more concerned about Warbeck
Who would help Yorkists and how? Margaret of Burgundy, sister of Ed IV and Rich III, offer them safe haven
List key points about Lambert Simnel. -tried to impersonate Earl of Warrick (in the tower) - had a priest, confirm this - serious threat as Margaret sent 2000 people willing to fight and money. - Simnel came to Lancashire gathered 8000 men - Was crowned in Ireland - paraded real prince - Henry won battle in 87
List key points about Perkin Warbeck - Claimed to be Richard Duke of York (supposedly murdered in the tower) - Could not parade real prince as he was dead -Warbeck gained strength in Flanders so Henry cut off trade cloth trade with france as Warbeck signed treaty of Etaples. - Warbeck gained approval from German emperor Maximillian, but eventually Henry caught him out and signed a deal with the emperor - He then fled to ireland and then Scotland where James IV gave him his cousin to marry and gave him 1500 men. - Northern England didnt support Warbeck so he fled to Scotland again after fighting didnt work out and James IV dropped him. - He tried then to join in the Cornish Rebellion but didnt succeed and fled to sanctuary where he was then put into the tower where he conspired with the Earl of Warrick so both were executed.
List key points about Edmund De La Pole - Fled to France as he didnt like being Duke of Suffolk and joined Emperor with other Yorkists
How secure was Henry after all of this? After his wife and 2 sons, Arthur and Edmund died it was left to prince Henry, so Henry imprisoned the Suffolk family and in 1504 51 Acts of attainder were passed to secure Henrys throne. so by time 1506 Henry felt safe.
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