Fitness and Health

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Revision on the topic Fitness and health (B1a)

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Fitness and Health
  1. Health
    1. Means free from disease
      1. Diet
        1. Can increase risk of heart disease
          1. Saturated fats leading to build up of cholesterol in arteries
            1. High levels of salt elevate blood pressure
          2. Fitness
            1. Means the ability to do physical activity.
              1. Can be measure
                1. Speed
                  1. Stamina
                    1. Agility
                      1. Flexibility
                        1. Strength
                      2. Blood Pressure
                        1. Factors that increase blood pressure
                          1. Stress
                            1. Being overwight
                              1. High alcohol intake
                                1. Smoking
                                  1. Contains
                                    1. Carbon Monoxide
                                      1. Poisonous gas that reduces the amount of oxygen being carried by the red blood cells
                                      2. Nicotine
                                        1. Is an addictive substance. Is a drug called a stimulant. That increases the blood pressure and so makes the blood vessels narrower.
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