F.L.U.E.N.T. in 40'

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Fluent in 40

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F.L.U.E.N.T. in 40'
  1. F
    1. FOCUS 100%
      1. Listen, listen, listen
        1. It is a foreign language, after all
          1. Don't settle for the gist: aim to understand every single word
            1. Think about HOW the language is working
              1. Not just on the meaning
                1. It's fine to need something to be repeated
                  1. But only if you've listened the first time
                    1. Otherwise, it wastes time
                      1. Focus on pronunciation and intonation so you can imitate
                        1. Be actively on the LOOK-OUT for new lexis
                          1. Stop doodling/fiddling with your pen and just FOCUS
    2. L
        1. FACT: non-native speakers make mistakes
          1. It's fine to make a mistake
            1. The key thing is not to make the same mistake TWICE
              1. Don't rest until you have UNDERSTOOD the source of your error
      2. U
        1. USE NEW LEXIS
          1. Force yourself to use newly learned words
            1. Tick off new words in your notebook as you use them
              1. Showcase your new vocabulary in all oral work and EW
                1. There are no marks for "knowing but not showing"
                  1. Show what you know!
        2. E
          1. ENGAGE and GET INVOLVED
            1. Try to take part in as much oral work as possible
              1. Step one: put your hand up!
                1. Eye contact: look at whoever is talking and don't switch off
                  1. Listen to boys too, and assess the quality of their language
                    1. By spotting THEIR errors you will be consolidating your own French
                      1. Underline, annotate, be proactive with all materials
                        1. Engage with them
                          1. Extract new lexis from them
          2. N
            1. NOTE DOWN ALL NEW LEXIS
              1. Not just what goes on the board
                1. Note down extra words and phrases your teacher uses and STEAL them
                  1. It is your job to leave each school with as many new items of lexis as possible
                    1. "NEW"= anything you couldn't have produced yourself from English to French
                      1. "we didn't learn much today" = you failed to listen carefully enough and take notes
                        1. Consolidate your notes regularly by glancing through before the lesson starts
            2. T
              1. TARGET LANGUAGE
                1. Every word of English YOU use in school is holding YOU back
                  1. "Comment dit-on 'SHELF' en français" is fine, of course
                    1. It's just lazy
                      1. If you must speak to a neighbour, say it in French
                        1. Virtually anything you say in the target language counts as "relevant" and "on task"
                          1. And anything in English is usually unproductive and unnecessary
                            1. It spoils the Target Language mood
                              1. Don't do it
                                1. Although your teacher may sometimes use English for speed's sake, you don't need to
                                  1. You don't have any urgent or complicated announcements to make
                                    1. You are there to PRACTISE your French
                                      1. Get practising!
                                      2. You don't have any complicated grammatical explanations to give
                        2. "What's the French for 'SHELF' again, Sir" isn't
                        3. It's a wasted opportunity
                    2. Or making the most of every single lesson
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