Chinese Dynasties

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Quick synopsis of the Chinese dynasties

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Chinese Dynasties
1 Shang
1.1 First Chinese dynasty
1.1.1 Centered around hunting, war, loyalty Pictograms and symbols foundational to modern Chinese language King was the connection between people and the gods Defeated by Zhou
2 Zhou
2.1 Propagated itself
2.1.1 Mandate of Heaven Gov and religion split Decentralized Declined to Warring States period Confucianism
3 Qin
3.1 First Chinese Empire
3.1.1 Gained power through Warring States period Overthrown by people's revolt Heavily infrastructured China Based on Legalism
4 Han
4.1 Based on family
4.1.1 Incorporated aspects of Legalism and Confucianism Mandate of Heaven Centralized government Conflict with Nomads Ultimate Decline Political fragmentation
5 Sui
5.1 Centralized
5.1.1 Completed Grand Canal Ended by assassination
6 Tang
6.1 Examination System
6.1.1 Confucianism Decentralized Cosmopolitan capital Imposed tributary system Thrived on Silk Road Adopted aspects from Europe and Western Asia
6.2 Uighur
6.2.1 Tibetan Liao Pastoral nomads Mahayan Buddhism Song paid tribute Good relation with Tang
6.2.2 Turkish
7 Song
7.1 Technologies derived from Tang
7.1.1 Sea-dependent Xenophobic Confuciansim Introduced paper money Inflation Gunpowder
8 Yuan
8.1 Mongol domination
8.1.1 Opened trade with Europe Unified 3 previous states Rebellion ends dynasty Bubonic plauge
9 Ming
9.1 Wanted to eradicate Mongols
9.1.1 Confucianism Little imports Silver currency Extended Great Wall Decentralized Strong military Gov exams
10 Qing
10.1 Machus: elite
10.1.1 Mandate Final Chinese Dyansty Infrastructure Decentralized Resisted trade Opium War
11 Republic
11.1 Constitutional
11.1.1 Civil war with communists
12 Communism
12.1 Overthrew republic
12.1.1 Supported by USSR
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