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Mediation - preview
  1. A. Process
    1. a) 总定义:process of communication
      1. Couldry,2008


        • on going process of communicaiton
        1. Carey, 1989


          • the study of communication is the study of social processes, wherein significant symbolic forms are created, apprehended and used.
        2. b) process of power negotiation
          1. Micro:Everyday life
            1. Macro: Institution
              1. PE
                1. Proliferation of media institution
                  1. "Inverted political economy" Davis, 2007


                    • The overall cumulative impacts on social life of existence of media institutions and their involvement in circulation of symbols. Thompson, 1995
                    1. 把两者结合起来的案例: 1) Public Sphere 2)Community & Networks
                    2. 问题


                      • 稍微还是有点模糊,是说反过来看现在社会变成了什么样? 不懂为什么是inverted PE.
                  2. Micro + Macro
                    1. Transmission+ Ritual: the role of audience
                      1. Transition of interactions:Tompson, 1995
                        1. Dialectical - monological - dialectical?
                        2. Culture: Marti-Barbero
                          1. Critic: Utopian
                            1. E.g. Game Monopoly
                            2. Subsuming power
                        3. B.Consequences
                          1. Our lives are increasingly mediated
                            1. Pessimistic
                              1. 1.Deuze,2012: Fish out of water
                                1. 傻傻分不清楚: Virtual reality & Reality
                                  1. Radical separation from our bodies
                                  2. 2.Mejias
                                    1. Playbor
                                    2. Turkle,2011
                                      1. Unescapable
                                      2. Optimistic
                                        1. 1.Anderson
                                          1. 2.Hall
                                            1. Following cultural critic tradition
                                            2. 3.Martin-Barbero
                                              1. This is a Dialogue!!!! Shani强调We believe there is place for resistance
                                                1. Key: How much dialogue is left, space of resistance ---- livingstone piece
                                          2. C.From 'the media' to mediation
                                            1. Silverstone : from mass communication to mediation
                                              1. Mediation
                                                1. Media and communication field
                                                  1. intermediary
                                                    1. epismology - experience of meaning making
                                                      1. Mediation as a productive activity
                                                        1. Mediation result in alienation - historical trandition
                                                          1. pessimistic research now
                                                        2. Approach
                                                          1. what are being mediated?
                                                            1. what are the mediators?
                                                              1. Consequences of the process
                                                                1. Mediation or Mediatization?
                                                                  1. Mediatization: H & S
                                                                    1. mediation: silverstone
                                                                      1. Hjarvard & Schulz: Mediatization


                                                                        • Couldry,2008 It is stronger at addressing aspects of media textuality, suggesting a unitary media-based logic is at work.
                                                                        1. Silverstone: Mediation


                                                                          • Couldry,2008 despite the vagueness of this concept, it provides more flexibility in thinking about the open-ended and dialectical social transformation.
                                                                        2. Locate historically
                                                                          1. No sense of place
                                                                            1. Broadcast media
                                                                              1. late modernity
                                                                                1. Contribution: how significant our relation to space and time has been
                                                                                  1. Turkle也把emphysis放在space and time上的
                                                                                    1. Historical and Radical transition
                                                                                      1. Who we are are determined by where we are
                                                                                        1. Prison
                                                                                          1. Prison
                                                                                          2. we are no where in particular
                                                                                            1. collapes of private and public
                                                                                              1. Google glass
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