Triumph- Jesse Owens and Hitlers Olympics- Jeremy Schaap

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a short out line of Jeremy schaap book abou tjesse owens and hitlers olypics

Resource summary

Triumph- Jesse Owens and Hitlers Olympics- Jeremy Schaap
  1. Characters
    1. Jesse Owens
      1. Black American World Class Athlete
      2. Ruth Solomon
        1. Wife of Owen
          1. Had a child with JO
        2. Larry Snyder (Synder)
          1. Coach of Jesse
          2. Charles Riley
            1. Coach of Jesse
            2. Adolf Hitler
              1. held Berlin Olympics
                1. Leader on Germany
            3. Main Ideas
              1. Achievements in Berlin
                1. 4 gold medals
                  1. world records
                    1. Beat Hitler at his own games
                    2. Racism
                      1. Nazi Germany
                        1. Aryans supremasy
                          1. Jesse beat Aryans
                          2. Hitler not congradulting black americans or anyone not aryan
                          3. American Discrimination
                            1. JO not allowed to stay in some hotles
                              1. different warm up area
                          4. Interesting Techniques
                            1. Metaphores
                              1. Images
                                1. speech
                                  1. news reports
                                  2. personal responce
                                    1. no race is better than another
                                      1. Owens amazing athlete
                                        1. Story is told well
                                          1. Jeremy Schaap
                                          2. Life has changed
                                            1. people don't discriminated so much now
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