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a mindmap of insight into the themes of aic with quotes

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  1. CLASS
    1. The birlings being of higher class than Eva Smith made them overlook the situation in the beginning
      1. In the beginning they didnt even represent her with a name they called her 'girl'
        1. even towards the end Sybil still says 'A GIRL OF THAT CLASS'
      2. The inspector plays a physical representation in what people of lower class have to deal with daily
        1. he does this by using graphic and emotive language to describe things
        2. People of high class are meant to act a specific way and have a specific etiquet
          1. because Mr Birling is a good customer in Milwards, it meant Sheila could easily get someone sacked if she requested
            1. this in turn could show the upbringing of upper class children and give the impression they are spoilt
        3. AGE
          1. similarly to responsibility the younger characters accept more responsibility
            1. they know times are changing and accept it
              1. unlike their parents who still live in a different time and havent caught up yet
              2. the older characters still live in a time where they care for themselves also still in a Patriarcal society.
                1. the man dictates everything and is the head of the house.
                  1. why its so shocking to see Sheila stand up to her family.
                2. Gerald isn't as concerned about responsibility- he is in a higher class than the Birlings and so doesnt need to worry
              3. GENDER
                1. Patriarcal Society
                  1. the man is in charge-always.
                    1. women are expected to do as a man says
                      1. this is the society the older characters still live in
                      2. Sheila and Eric are in a more modern mindset
                        1. sheila stands up to her father and parents
                          1. she tells them that they are wrong
                          2. eric standing up would be more acceptable however still not really accepted.
                        2. RESPONSIBILITY
                          1. In the beginning no one accepts anything to do with Eva's death.
                            1. They almost portray themselves and saints and that they could never do anything wrong.
                              1. this could be because they have been brought up blaming people of a lower class and that they cant do anything wrong.
                            2. the younger the character the more accepting they are to taking responsibility.
                              1. Sheila and Eric are more acceptant that they did something wrong
                                1. Eric says- ' we did her in all right'
                                  1. sheila gets angry with her parents who 'pretend nothing much has happened'
                                  2. Mr and Mrs Birling accept no part in Eva's Death
                                    1. Mrs B describes Eva as a 'girl of that class' and accepts no blame
                                      1. in the end Mr B is only concerned about 'covering it up as soon as he could' and his knighthood.
                                      2. Gerald seems a little acceptant however does'nt really accept responsibility
                                        1. he asks Sheila to marry him again , as if nothing has happened
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