Environmental Chemistry

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Environmental Chemistry
  1. Rocks
    1. Rocks and building materials are slowly weathered and eroded.
      1. Soil forms from the interations between rock fragments and living things.
      2. Soil
        1. Different soils can have different pH values, making them suitable for different plants.
          1. Acidic soils can be made less acidic by adding lime.
          2. Acid Rain
            1. Rain is naturally slightly acidic due to dissolved carbon dioxide.
              1. Nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide gases are produced by human industrial activity. They increase acidity of rain.
                1. As rain becomes more acidic, the weathering and erosion of rocks and building materials speeds up.
                  1. Acid rain corrodes some metals, and is damaging to some life forms.
                    1. The use of low sulfur petrol and catalytic converters in cars can reduce the emissions that cause acid rain.
                    2. Global Warming
                      1. Air and water quality are closely monitored and measured.
                        1. The Earth's atmosphere reduces heat loss into space. This is the greenhouse effect.
                          1. The Earth's climate is getting warmer. We call this global warming.
                            1. Global warming is probably due to increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
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