Plants and Photosynthesis

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This is a year 9 biology topic summary mind map on: Plants and Photosynthesis.

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Plants and Photosynthesis
  1. Photosynthesis
    1. Plants make food in their leaves by photosynthesis.
      1. The raw materials for photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water.
        1. The light energy needed for photosynthesis is trapped by chlorophyll.
          1. Chlorophyll is found in chloroplasts in green parts of leaves.
          2. Biomass
            1. A plant's biomass is the matter that is made of.
            2. Respiration
              1. Glucose from photosynthesis is used to make starch, to release energy during respiration and to make new materials.
                1. Roots are branched and have root hairs to increase their surface area. They need oxygen to respire.
                  1. Plants use their roots to take up water and minerals such as nitrates.
                    1. Plant need nitrates to make proteins for making and respiring cells.
                      1. A plant uses water to cool its leaves, to swell up fruits, to make its cells firm and to stretch its cell growth.
                      2. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
                        1. Most photosynthesis happens in the cells near the to of the leaf.
                          1. About 21% of the air today is oxygen and about 0.03% is carbon dioxide.
                            1. Plants in oceans and forests help to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
                              1. Respiration, rotting and burning release carbon dioxide.
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