Fitness and Health

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This is a year 9 biology topic summary mind map on: Fitness and Health.

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Fitness and Health
  1. Diet
    1. A balanced diet contains the right amount of proteins. carbohydrates, fats and vitamins ad minerals.
      1. Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.
      2. Malnutrition means you eat too much or too little of a particular food.
      3. Exercise
        1. Exercise is necessary for a fit and healthy life.
          1. Reduces the risk of coronary heat disease.
          2. Unsuitable exercise can be harmful.
          3. Your Body
            1. Many organs in the body work together to keep the body fit and healthy.
              1. Every cell in the body needs a supply of oxygen for respiration. Air moves in and out of your lungs when you breathe.
              2. Drugs
                1. Drugs are substances that change the way our body works. They can be grouped in many different ways.
                  1. It is against the law to take illegal drugs.
                    1. Medicines such as antibiotics and aspirin can improve our health.
                      1. Many drugs are addictive. The user becomes dependent on the drug and needs it to function.
                        1. Legal Drugs
                          1. Over-the-counter drugs can be brought in shops.
                            1. Prescription drugs need to be ordered by a doctor.
                              1. Recreational drugs are used for enjoyment, but can also be harmful.
                                1. Smoking
                                  1. Smoking causes bronchitis, emphysema and cancer.
                                  2. Solvents
                                    1. Alcohol
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