Definitions of Abnormality

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Definitions of Abnormality
  1. Deviation from Social norms
    1. VIOLATION of RULES and MORAL behaviour in society=ABNORMALITY
      1. PRONE to abuse w/ social changes SOCIAL norms vary
        1. CULTURAL RELATIVISM no universal standards for ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR
      2. Failure to function adequately
        1. 7 features to function well
          1. LOOKING AFTER themselves
            1. Able to SOCIALISE
              1. Ability to THRIVE within a CULTURE
          2. SUBJECTIVE judgements: normal to one/abnormal to another
            1. CULTURE Relativism divisions in lower and upper class
          3. Deviation from Ideal mental Health
            1. 6 criteria
              1. POSITVE attitudes towards self
                1. PERSONAL growth
                  1. PERSONAL autonomy
                    1. ACCURATE PERCEPTION of reality
                      1. ADAPTING to environment
                        1. RESISTANCE to stress
                        2. CAN'T ACHIEVE ALL criteria most fall short=aniety
                          1. CULTURAL relativism some IMPORTANT in INDIVIDUALISTIC cultures not a COLLECTIVIST
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