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Is good for learning you frames in art for years 9 and 10

Resource summary

  1. Subjective frame
    1. What it is? It involves
      1. The personal experiences of the artist
        1. The innor world of dreams, imagination, memories, feeling and subconscious of the artist may influence
          1. What the artwork is made of
            1. How the artwork is viewed
              1. What the artwork is about
              2. What to write about? Show emotion through:
                1. Use of line, colour, texture, tone
                  1. Facial expressions
                    1. Physical position and stance of figure
                      1. Is any features enlarged or out of proportion to the rest of the figure?
                        1. Does the citation give you insight into the image
                        2. It deals with emotion, personal experiences, imagination, innor life of the artist.
                        3. Frames is a method of organising interpreting and analysing artwork to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and significance
                          1. Cultural frame
                            1. What it is? It involves
                              1. Society and cultural identity eg Race, gender, class/social statues, politics, economics, religion, sexuality, scientific and technological innovations influences artwork and is represented in artworks
                                1. What the artwork is made of
                                  1. How the artist if made
                                    1. How the artwork is viewed
                                      1. What the artwork is about
                                      2. What to write about?
                                        1. The influence of society of cultural identity in artworks such as race, gender, class/society status, politics, religion, economics and sexuality
                                          1. What culture groups, race, place, identity is portrayed? How?
                                            1. What does the artist tell us about the word of the artist?
                                              1. Has a political comment been made- local, world etc?
                                                1. Is the work protesting something?
                                                  1. What beliefs does the artist reflect?
                                                    1. Does the role comment on the role of women and men and how they are perceived/expectations?
                                                      1. Does the work connect with a particular time or place?
                                                    2. Structural frame
                                                      1. What It Is? It Involves
                                                        1. Artists creating their own visual language using codes, symbols or signs to give meaning to theirartwork.
                                                          1. Elements and principles of art and design eg. line, direction, shape, size, colour, tone, texture, harmony, contrast, dominance, balance etc
                                                            1. Composition, organisation and relationships with the elements as well as the subject matter of the artwork
                                                              1. It deals with materials, media and techniques that have been used in the artwork
                                                              2. What to writer?
                                                                1. Style or movement of the artwork
                                                                  1. Materials used by the artist - citation
                                                                    1. Process used by the artist
                                                                      1. Used or found objects, collage etc
                                                                        1. Elements of design - line, shape, colour and tone
                                                                          1. Subject matter
                                                                            1. Use of visual language - signs, symbols, codes, text
                                                                              1. Composition
                                                                                1. Single image, several images, repetition of images
                                                                              2. Post - modern
                                                                                1. What It Is? What it Involves
                                                                                  1. the use of text or images from the past to create new messages (appropriation)
                                                                                    1. Use of irony, parody, pastiche, wit and satire in artworks
                                                                                      1. Use of non traditional media and techniques
                                                                                        1. The use of new technology
                                                                                          1. crossing conventional boundaries and challenging art conventions
                                                                                          2. What to write? The use of
                                                                                            1. Text to create new meaning to the artwork or image
                                                                                              1. Satire, irony, parody
                                                                                                1. New techology
                                                                                                  1. non conventional art media/ Materials
                                                                                                    1. Is it mainstream or is it outside art traditions?
                                                                                                      1. Has the work been approprited? how has the meaning of the work been changes
                                                                                                        1. Is the work Controversial? Why?
                                                                                                          1. Does it challenge our notions of what art is? How?
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