The 70's - 90's

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The 70's - 90's
  1. Kent State
    1. anti-war protest
      1. National Guard Sent in
        1. shot bullets
      2. End of Vietnam War
        1. 1975
          1. N.V. attacked S.V.
            1. remaining americans escaped by helicopter from embassey
          2. Nixon in office
            1. believed in detente
              1. went to China
                1. opened trade relations
              2. Energy Crisis
                1. oil came form Mid. E.
                  1. M.E. mad at U.S. for supporting Israel
                2. Election of 1972
                  1. worried about winning
                    1. enemies list
                      1. The Plumbers
                        1. put bugs in Democrat headquarters
                          1. tried to cover up
                            1. Nixon quit
                              1. Ford amnesty to Nixon
                  2. Jimmy Carter
                    1. Election of 1980
                      1. Ronald Reagan
                        1. USSR collapses
                          1. George Bush
                            1. Tiananmen Square
                              1. Saddam Hussein
                                1. The Gulf War
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