Regulatory Framework

Tengku Azhfar
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Tengku Azhfar
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Regulatory Framework
1 Introduction
1.1 Design and certification
1.1.1 -Government -Aviation authority Certification Specification
1.2 Production Organization
1.2.1 -Manufacturer -Experienced engineer -Skilled worker Aviation Authority Design Organization Approval (DOA) Production Organization Approval (POA)
1.3 Operation and maintenance
1.3.1 Is it allowed to fly? Manufacturer gives the owner statement of comformity Aviation authority gives owner certificate of airworthiness
2 Relationship with other aviation authorities
2.1 -American Aviation Authority -Chinese Aviation Authority -Canadian Aviation Authority
2.2 Example of member state authority
2.2.1 -Germany -United Kingdom
3 Role of EU
3.1 EU Members State Authority
3.1.1 Accepting aircraft accident report from the operator -Supervisor of air operator -Approval and supervise of flying school, training devices, and medical examination for aviator -Registration aircraft - Issue of Certificate of airworthiness
4 Role of EASA
4.1 EASA and JAA
4.1.1 After JAA inactive at dec 31st 2008, EASA responsible for all activities
4.2 Implementing Rule Certification
4.2.1 For the airworthiness and environment certification of aircraft and related product, part and appliances, as well as for the certification and design and production organization
4.3 Introduction
4.3.1 European cooperation before EASA -Joint Aviation Requirement (JAR) - 13 European Civil Authority signed arrangement of 1997 -12 Civil aviation authority signed MOU of 1987
4.3.2 General task of EASA are included safety and environment protection

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