Elements of Music

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Mind map on 7 elements of music

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Elements of Music
  1. Pitch
    1. How high or low a piece is played
    2. Tempo
      1. How fast or slow a certain peice is played
      2. Timbre
        1. Timbre is the quality of the note. The same note on a piano sounds different to when its being played on the guitar.
        2. Duration
          1. The length of a certain note: Crochet is one beat and quaver is half a beat.
          2. Structure
            1. How the piece has been put together. Which order the music goes and wether there is a repeat.
            2. Dynamics
              1. How loud or soft a piece is played: forte or piano
              2. Texture
                1. How smooth or rough a piece is played: legato means smoothly and staccato means bumpy.
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