amount of substance

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amount of substance
  1. the mole, n
    1. the quantity of particles- electron, atoms, molecules ,ions, formulae...1 mol= 6.023x10^23mol^-1 particles = the number of atoms in 12g of c-12 isotopes
    2. Avogadro constant, L
      1. L= the number of particles in 1 mole =6.023x10^23mol^-1
      2. Ar, Mr AND THE MOLE
        1. 1 mole f an element or compound in g
          1. equations that relate the 3
            1. n=m/Mr
              1. m=nMr
                1. Mr=m/n
                  1. conversionn tip...... 1cm^3=1/1000
              2. empirical formula
                1. the simplest whole number ratio of the atom of each element in a compound
                  1. calculating EF
                    1. divide % of each element by the Ar to give mole then then divide all by smallest number and round up
                  2. molecular formula
                    1. the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule or the number of oles of each type of atom in 1 mole of the compound
                    2. relating empirical formula to molecular formula...the Mr of the molecular formula is an multiple of the Mr of the empirical formula
                      1. ionic equatoins
                        1. balance numbers and charge
                        2. balance equation
                          1. balance numbers
                          2. the ideal gas equation
                            1. pV=nRT
                              1. V=nRT/p
                                1. n=pV/RT
                                  1. units....p in Pa vim m^3 n in mole t in K r= a gas constant=273 k=0 degrees and 1cm^3=1x10^-6m63
                                  2. property of ideal gas
                                    1. no intermolecular forces
                                  3. % atom economy
                                    1. % atom economy=mass of desired product/total mass of all reactants x100%
                                      1. low %= more product needs to be sold to make max profilt
                                    2. % yield
                                      1. % yield=mass of product/ theoretical max mass of product x 100%
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