Amount of Substance

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Chemistry (Amount of Substance) Mind Map on Amount of Substance, created by Beth Ritchie on 11/13/2013.

Beth Ritchie
Created by Beth Ritchie almost 6 years ago
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Amount of Substance
1 Relative masses
1.1 Relative atomic mass
1.1.1 The average mass of one atom of an element/1/12th the mass of an atom of C12
1.2 Relative molecular mass
1.2.1 Average mass of one molecule/1/12th the mass of an atom of C12
1.3 Relative formula mass
1.3.1 (For Ionic compounds) Average mass of one ionic compund/1/12 the mass of C12
2 Avogadro's constant
2.1 The number of atoms in 1g of hydrogen is 6.022 x 10^23
2.2 Definition: The number of atoms in 12g of carbon 12.
2.3 The mole contains this number of particles
3 Number of moles
3.1 n = m/Mr
3.2 n = c x v
3.3 n = vol x 24
3.4 n = PV/Rt
4 Formula
4.1 Empirical Formula
4.1.1 1) Atoms 2) Mass 3) Moles 4) Ratio 5) Formula
4.2 Molecular Formula
4.2.1 Divide actual Mr by the Mr of the empirical formula
5 Ionic Equations
5.1 Get rid of spectator ions
6 Balencing equations
6.1 Fractions can be used for gasses, make sure numbers add up on both sides

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